RELIANCE is designed to answer everyone’s questions.

RELIANCE was designed with the help of people with COPD, caregivers, and clinicians. They helped identify critical questions that RELIANCE should answer.

RELIANCE is a head-to-head clinical trial that compares azithromycin and roflumilast to help control COPD attacks and hospitalizations. Research shows both drugs work. What we don’t know is which drug works better and for whom.

Built to fit routine care
RELIANCE is designed to integrate with the routine care of people who were recently in the hospital for a COPD exacerbation (attack).

Designed around patients, caregivers and front line clinicians
RELIANCE is a study where everyone counts. Doctors, patients and caregivers all helped shape RELIANCE goals, endpoints and supports.

Targets reducing uncertainty
Everyone involved in COPD care wants a clearer idea of which treatments will work best for which patients, so that they can stay out of the hospital and live better.

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RELIANCE is active nationwide

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RELIANCE is looking for 3,200 patients who…