COPD affects more than just patients, it affects families.

Caring for people with COPD requires strength, commitment and support. We know COPD makes it difficult for patients to go to family events, to plan activities and take vacations. COPD makes the world feel smaller. 

Everyone would benefit from a clearer idea of which COPD treatments will keep loved ones out of the hospital and living a better, more active life.


RELIANCE extends its support to caregivers

RELIANCE is not a new task or responsibility.
It works within the regular care provided by your loved one’s doctor—no special appointments, no extra tests.

Through its website, RELIANCE keeps everyone up to date. It provides access to findings and real-time updates about how many people are joining the study, who they are and where are they live across the country.

RELIANCE is partnered with the COPD Foundation. Caregivers have free access to the COPD Foundation’s resources for learning and coping with COPD in everyday life. Join COPD360 Social to find others like you who are working to manage COPD.

What is COPD

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