People with COPD have lots of questions. RELIANCE is designed to help get answers.

Over the last fifteen years, 20,000 patients have joined studies to prove azithromycin and roflumilast help people with COPD. Today, we need 3200 people to know which drug works best for whom: for current smokers, former smokers, women, men, and for patients with other diseases.

RELIANCE is a head-to-head comparison of these two medicines to learn how long-term use improves the lives of people with COPD.


Keeping people out of the hospital and reducing deaths

Being hospitalized for a COPD attack is a serious problem.  If we can reduce hospitalizations for COPD, we know people live longer, feel better. What we don’t know is which drug works better to do this: roflumilast or azithromycin. We also don’t know which drug works best if you are a current or former smoker.

RELIANCE could change COPD care for good

By joining RELIANCE, you can help to determine what care for people with COPD should include. RELIANCE is your chance to make a difference for people with COPD.


What’s expected of people who join?


Is RELIANCE right for you?

1. Do you meet the eligibility criteria?

The best way to know if RELIANCE is a good fit for you is to talk with your doctor at your next appointment.
Together you can decide if RELIANCE is a study that is right for you. 

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Don’t match the criteria? You may be eligible for other studies.


2. Do you get health care from any of the locations below?


3. Review the RELIANCE study overview.

If you choose to join, a clinician who is part of RELIANCE will review the study with you at your next appointment.