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Below you will find helpful information regarding your site specific documents, operations memos, general documents, and IRB material your site will need to complete the Phase I milestones. We will notify you when new information or documents are made available. 

If you have any questions, please contact both Nina Bracken, ngrude@uic.edu and Gem Roy, groy2@jhu.edu.

The dashboard below reflects your site's progress as you submit documents and preliminary data collection for Phase I.
We will update this dashboard every Tuesday at 10am CT.

Network wide progress
To see the progress of all RELIANCE sites, visit the All Sites Overview page.


The buttons below link to a secure database. Your browser may open a new window.
If you are asked for a password, enter your site PI's email address. 

Use the button above to update your site’s IRB and other progress; updates will be reflected in the dashboard above.

Use the button above to access your original subcontract material.

Use the button above to download the invoice template and submit your invoices.

Use the button above to update your contact information, as well as access your SMART IRB contact.         


To access your data entry forms, please click on the appropriate button below and enter the password that was sent to you via email.
To request your password be resent, please click here (or email reliance.team@reliance-study.org).

Site survey (Milestone N, due 05/01/2018)
Site survey instructions

Your site will run two queries. These queries may be run on different site-level databases depending on your site's data systems. 

Your sites will complete a Site Survey form for each query (hospitalized patients and outpatients), and will complete a
new Site Survey form for each database on which the queries were run. Please access your site's forms with the buttons and drop down menu below.


Audit of query results (Milestone O, accepted until 06/15/2018)- click here for instructions
Within three business days of submitting your site survey and updating your milestone tracking questions, you will be issued 30 randomly selected record IDs. Your record IDs will include 15 IDs from query 1 and 15 IDs from query 2.  

You will complete an Audit of Query Results form for each record ID issued. Please access your site's forms with the buttons and drop down menus below. Click here to download the full list of record IDs for each Audit of Query Results.




Below are PDFs of RELIANCE documents. Click on the link to download or view the PDFs.

  • IRB documents

             Updated March 16, 2018                                    Updated April 25, 2018

    • RELIANCE at-a-glance

    Updated December 27, 2017